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The Entrance Zone (originally called the Office Zone, and mistakenly called the Research Zone) is the final zone encountered in the game. It is preceded by the Light Containment Zone and Heavy Containment Zone. It is dedicated to the research and administrative division of the site, and is distinguished by a clean, sterile environment, adorned with white walls and painted orange stripes.

Nine-Tailed Fox enters the facility once the player reaches this zone, requiring them to remain undetected to avoid being terminated.

This zone also contains the facility's exits, making it the final location encountered inside the facility.

The Entrance Zone has music relating to it.

Hallways[edit | edit source]

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Basic Office[edit | edit source]

A small, one story office containing computers, unobtainable files, and a monitor. It also contains a level 2 keycard, SCP-106's document, a notice regarding the use of nicknames in reports, and an S-Nav 300.

Should SCP-035 have been released by now, the player can find its corpse in one of these offices. If they approach the corpse, tentacle appendages from will rise out of it and attack them.

2-Level Office[edit | edit source]

A basic office with stairs to a second level. It contains a level 1 keycard, SCP-895's document, SCP-860's document, the SCP-093 recovered materials document, and an S-Nav 300. An anomalous duck can also be found sitting atop certain heights in this room.

Another variation of this room can be found, notable by the glass dividers which line the area between the upper and lower sections of the room. Each side of the lower level contains 4 desk, facing opposite to each other. One of the sides a poster can be found of SCP-173 seen alongside the Moai statues on Easter Island. The photo is a reference to the "D-Quest" video created by forum user Omniary.

Large Office[edit | edit source]

The large office consist of a large lower floor and a smaller, second floor. The lower floor contains the object classes document, security levels document and the notable MTFs document.

The upper floor contains two rooms, with one having a window looking out to the rest of the office. The room on the right contains a proposal for SCP-173's containment. The room on the left contains two ReVision Eyedrops bottles, a radio and up to three 9V batteries.

The office is also a spawn point for Nine-Tailed Fox. The rooms on the second floor serve as a place to hide when the Task Force appears.

Head Office[edit | edit source]

The head office requires a level 4 keycard to access. On one of the desks lays a picture of Radical Larry (an alias that SCP-106 has been associated with based on this family portrait), two joints of SCP-420-J, the nuclear warheads document, a radio and a level 5 keycard.

It can be assumed that this office belongs to Site Director Rosewood, as messages from her email can be read on a monitor, with the client service being "ROSEWOOD_OFFICE".

Doctors Quarters[edit | edit source]

The Doctors Quarters is a T-shaped room containing the offices of Dr. Maynard, Dr. Harp, and Dr. Gears.

Dr. Maynard's Office[edit | edit source]

WARNING: The following may contain spoilers about the game.

The key code to access this room can be found on the burnt note in the Pocket Dimension. Upon entering this room, the player can find the Mysterious Note, a ballistic vest, and a monitor which displays a conversation with an unknown client, simply stating "It's out", with the response "Proceeding".

The conversation is actually between Dr. Maynard and Agent Skinner, who is cryptically telling Dr. Maynard that he has released SCP-106 from containment, and that Maynard should proceed with the rest of the plan. This can be backed up from the fact that the timestamps coincide with SCP-106's breach before the game, at 09:21 hours.

Spoilers end here.

Dr. Harp's Office[edit | edit source]

The key code to access this room is 7816. It can be discovered via a randomly triggered conversation on channel 5 of the radio. Security Chief Franklin permits Dr. Harp to broadcast the code, allowing the player to retrieve the code and use it.

It contains a first aid kit, a journal entry from Jim Gonzales and a document describing Incident Report SCP-106-0204.

Dr. Gears' Office[edit | edit source]

The office of Dr. Gears cannot be accessed and is presumed to serve no other purpose than to reference a Foundation site member of the same name.

Conference Quarters[edit | edit source]

Dr. L.'s Office[edit | edit source]

The door to this office will automatically open once the player passes by it, unless the door control has been disabled, but it can also be opened with the pass code 1234. The interior of the office is covered in the moss stone seen in the Pocket Dimension. In addition, the sound of rushing water can be heard inside the room. SCP-106's breathing can be heard from behind the walls. Two burnt notes can be found inside along with a readable monitor.

With the notes left by Dr. L. constantly referring to SCP-106 tormenting him, and the fact that the room itself appears to have been corroded by it, all leads to the presumption that SCP-106 captured him.

Conference Room[edit | edit source]

Conference Room 9B is located opposite to Dr. L.'s office. It seems to have been previously abandoned, as the room is in minor disarray, with various materials still on the table, such as papers, a book and a few computers.

On the far side of the room are 3 monitors, one of which is readable, containing a message from an O5 detailing how the breach is being dealt with, suggesting the conference room was previously occupied by surviving personnel.

Shared Conference Room[edit | edit source]

The shared conference room is found next to a T-shaped hallway, notable by the large glass divider separating the hallway itself from the room. The room contains a series of desks and chairs facing towards a whiteboard.

Hanging on the furthest wall are three portrait showing Albert Einstein, Dr. D.H. Aeslinger and Dr. Gears.

Lockroom[edit | edit source]

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Cafeteria[edit | edit source]

The cafeteria consists of a catwalk as well as a larger, lower level, both being connected by stairs. It contains several tables and a counter. Most tables have cups and plates of food left over which shows that the cafeteria was probably previously occupied sometime before the breach. Two quarters can also be found under a table and on a desk.

This room also houses SCP-294, which is placed opposite to the counter. SCP-066 can also be found on the lower level, assuming it hasn’t wandered off to another room yet.

Electrical Center[edit | edit source]

The electrical center requires a level 4 keycard to access. Behind the door is a small flight of stairs leading up to the room’s namesake. It contains several computer servers and a few fuse boxes.

In addition there is also a smaller room found on in the back containing a computer hub with one readable monitor, a note from daniel on the table to the right and a security camera attached to the rightmost part of the ceiling.

The computer hub contains three switches: Primary Lighting, Secondary Lighting, and Remote Door Control. The primary lighting switch does nothing, while the secondary lighting switch will deactivate the emergency lighting, essentially disabling the lights across the entire facility. SCP-079 tends to shut off the secondary lighting when the player enters the computer room, but it can be turned back on with the switch.

Turning off the remote door control system with the third switch will prevent SCP-079 from closing doors in the player's face, and will allow the player to enter its containment chamber.

Server Farm[edit | edit source]

The server farm is a three-door, two-level room with a catwalk connecting the two upper doors. There are some stairs leading to the lower floor, which the player will need to get through to reach the third door in the room. The lower floor is full of computer servers making them difficult to navigate. SCP-173 frequently spawns on the lower floor, so the player should be wary.

This room has two variations, meaning the path in the lower level will not always be the same. The first variant of the room contains a shelf holding up to three 9V batteries and an S-Nav 300. The second variant contains SCP-970's document and a gas mask.

The white anomalous duck can be found sitting on the floor in the first variant of the room.

Server Hub[edit | edit source]

The entrance to the server hub appears near next to one of the doors in a two-way hallway and requires a level 3 keycard to access. The door leads to a staircase which goes down into the room itself.

At the bottom of the stairs on the left is an inaccessible door and on the right is a small workstation. At the station is a computer monitor with a sticky note attached to it saying:


Next to the workstation is a glass panel viewing into a blue, dimly lit room full of servers. This room can be accessed from a door next to the workstation with a level 3 keycard.

At the far right of the server room a pair of night vision goggles can be found.

Tesla Coil Hallway[edit | edit source]

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Toilets[edit | edit source]

The toilets appear in a plain hallway with a WC sign above the entrance in the center of the room. This door splits off into the men's and women's restrooms, which both compose of a sink and a few stalls. As an easter egg, SCP-789-J has an 80% chance of being heard by the player.

When the player is about to enter the outside corridor, the sounds of a crying guard can be heard. If the player approaches, a gunshot will go off. Further inspection will reveal the guard's body on the floor of the men's restroom, with a pool of blood slowly forming around the head.

Elevator Lounge[edit | edit source]

The elevator lounge is a dead end room, containing a couch and a pair of inaccessible elevators titled "Emergency Evacuation Lift". The elevator on the right has a hanging "Out of Order" sign attached to it. To the right of the room's entrance is a security camera on the ceiling.

Medical Bay[edit | edit source]

See also: Medical Bay's Previous Incarnation

The medical bay is a section of the Entrance Zone that was presumably used to treat minor medical conditions, given the room's small size. It consists of three stretchers with one obscured by a hospital curtain, a fire extinguisher on the wall, and a control panel with a lamp and two syringes on it. The walls are lined with green stripes, similar to the Entrance Zone's yellow stripes. A first aid kit can found underneath one of the stretchers, as well as an SCP-008 infected human leaning against the wall. Going near it will cause the lights to go out and the person to stand up and pursue the player.

Security Gateway[edit | edit source]

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This variation of the security gateway is identical to the one found in the Light Containment Zone, with the exception of the side doors now being accessible with a level 3 keycard.

End Room[edit | edit source]

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SCP-096's Lockroom[edit | edit source]

SCP-096's lockroom is very similar to a regular lockroom, however, this room does not have any doors or decontamination gas. SCP-096 can be found in the center of the room sitting down with several blood splatters around it (assumed to be victims of SCP-096). Outside both entrances is a CCTV monitor showing the view of two security cameras above each door. It is recommended that the player walks behind SCP-096 to ensure that they will not trigger it.

SCP-860's Testing Chamber[edit | edit source]

SCP-860's testing chamber consists of a wooden door that can only be unlocked from either side using SCP-860. The room's only purpose is to allow the player to reach SCP-860-1.

There's also a control room which is guarded with a passcode lock, however, one door will always be open allowing the player to access it. The room was used to communicate and view the video feed of any personnel while they were inside SCP-860-1. It contains SCP-860's document, SCP-860-1's document, a readable monitor, a microphone and a computer monitor.