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WARNING: The following may contain spoilers about Containment Breach: Run.

Jim Gonzales is a janitor/mechanic working in the Foundation. He is the protagonist of the film Containment Breach: Run and a minor character in SCP - Containment Breach.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Gonzales is a white, middle-aged man with blue eyes. In Containment Breach: Run he is portrayed by Andrew Tribolini.

In SCP - Containment Breach, he is seen wearing the blue sleeveless shirts and pants adorned by all the janitors. The only noticeable difference is that he carries a name tag on the front of his shirt.

In SCP - Containment Breach[edit | edit source]

Gonzales' corpse can be found inside of an elevator in one of the variants of the two-way hallway. The body contains a bullet wound in his eye, with blood splattered on the shirt. Since there is no gun next to him it can be assumed that he was killed by someone else.

The player can also find a page from Gonzales' journal, in which he discusses his family as well as the agent who recruited him into the Foundation. A sticky note can be found on the page, showing that this specific page from the journal was taken to prove that a memory wipe on Gonzales had been successful. He had apparently been complaining about his family beforehand, which hints at the fact that the information about his family written may be fake, implanted memories.

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