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Keycards are a major and necessary element of the game, as being the only item in-game that can open doors with a keycard slot. Keycards can be found in various places. There are six keycard levels, from 1 to 5 plus Omni.

Level 1[edit | edit source]


The Level 1 keycard is the lowest level keycard. It can open the first door to the small testing chamber. The keycard can be found in the storeroom, a storage room affected by SCP-970 or in the 2-level office, beside a computer. You can also obtain this by putting a quarter on "Fine".

Level 2[edit | edit source]


Level 2 keycards can be used to open the doors to SCP-895's chamber, a maintenance shaft and SCP-914's chamber. It is found in the basic office and small testing room. It can also be obtained by placing a level 1 keycard into SCP-914 on "Fine" or a master card on "Very Fine" or by putting a quarter on "Very Fine".

Level 3[edit | edit source]


The Level 3 keycard can be used to open the main door in SCP-012's chamber, SCP-079's chamber, SCP-205's chamber, SCP-966's chamber, all the doors in the SCP storage chamber, the first door in Containment Room 5, all the doors in the server hub and the checkpoint room between the Light Containment Zone and Heavy Containment Zone. It is found in SCP-895's chamber, in a maintenance shaft and can also be obtained by placing a Level 2 Key Card in SCP-914 on "Fine".

Level 4[edit | edit source]


The Level 4 keycard is found in SCP-049's containment chamber, right next to SCP-049's document. It is required to access the head office, SCP-106's chamber and the two doors to the lower area of SCP-106's chamber, and both doors in SCP-008's containment chamber.

Level 5[edit | edit source]


The Level 5 keycard is found in SCP-106's containment chamber under a shelf beside the controls, and also in the head office. It is required to open the door to the control room portion of SCP-035's containment chamber, the door to the elevator leading to the warhead room, the door leading to the small control room in the warhead room, the checkpoint room between the Heavy Containment Zone and Entrance Zone and the blast door to reach Gate A, and can also be obtained by placing a level 4 keycard in SCP-914 on "Fine".

The Level 5 keycard is the highest keycard that can be obtained besides Omni, which is also the same as a Level 5 keycard. Both can access any rooms requiring a keycard.

Omni[edit | edit source]


The Omni keycard can access anything requiring a keycard, making it equivalent to a level 5 keycard. The Omni keycard can only be obtained via placing a level 5 keycard through SCP-914 on "Fine" or by placing any level keycard on "Very Fine" if it doesn't create a MasterCard.