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The IRC channel, #scpcbwiki at is a great place to hang out with our community to discuss things both relating and not relating to SCP - Containment Breach. Many of our editors and administrators hang out there often, so it is also a good place to get fast reponses to any questions or concerns you may have about this wiki.

It should be noted that you don't have to own a Gamepedia account to access the IRC channel.

How to join

To join our channel, simply click here.

To join our channel via Mibbit's website, simply click here.

If you have mIRC, Chatzilla, Colloquy, or just about any other downloadable IRC client, you can simply click here.


  1. Do not troll, insult, flame, etc. other users.
  2. Full-on roleplaying is strictly forbidden.
  3. Miscellaneous chatter should not get into the way of wiki-related discussion.
  4. Tag links to NSFW material with "[NSFW]".
  5. Take warnings seriously - do not test the operators' limits.
  6. Do not impersonate other users (users can prevent their names from being used by registering their nickname).
  7. Do not spam or flood the channel - please use Pastebin or Mibpaste for text exceeding several lines in length.
  8. Don't spam bot commands.

Break any of these rules and, after several warnings, you'll be kicked from the chat room. Repeated offenders will be banned with the duration depending on the extent of the offense.

List of operators

User Nick
CommanderMark CommanderMark
ScavengerOfHumanSorrow ScavengerOfHSorrow, MrSticky
ProfessorGargoyle Gargoyle
Zabinyan Zabbie-kun
MariaCarlos Shion_Sonozaki