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Idiocy ((Survival chances))[edit source]

Who the fuck keeps stating in every article about this that people are misinterpretting victims survival chances? The quote says all but one ended in suicide, how in the love of fuck does that imply that theres a chance of survival? It fucking implies that the one that didnt commit suicide requested to be killed as per the scp wiki article mentions. Who ever keeps adding 'trivia' claiming that people misiterpret this; you're fucking idiot.The preceding unsigned comment was added by

I don't see how that portion of 513's article, or any portion of it, implies that the test subject requested termination. If you can explain your reasons for believing this, our article will be fixed accordingly. Juanjpro (talk) 14:08, 30 August 2015 (UTC)
If there wasn't a chance of survival, there wouldn't BE one victim that survived SCP-513-1. Besides, it's a video game. You don't need to get Hardcore-mad about something so small. Parchezzi Talk Page (Enter my Hideout)