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Wow this is fancy I'm using headers in my bio

I'm a guy working towards a CompSci degree who at some point set out to create a comprehensible catalogue of SCP - Containment Breach, which worked out so well that I'm now technically a developer for the game. Thanks fate!

My life story? I'm so glad you asked

Back in high school I got into Containment Breach through the totally original approach of watching horror let's players practice for dB drag racing. I became active on the forums and eventually met a few new friends. At some point they were like "You know the CB wiki sucks. Wouldn't it be cool to rewrite it from scratch?" and I thought that would be a cool project to undertake.

In hindsight I have no idea how we pulled it off but soon enough we found ourselves in charge of this game's wiki. Funnily enough at this point in my life I still had not even played Containment Breach. Most of my contributions relied on data mining the files and source code, watching playthroughs and begging my friends to get screenshots for me. Naturally I was quite the pleasure to be around.

Despite the rather glaring handicap I still pulled through getting this wiki up to snuff and continued updating it throughout the game's lifespan. Honestly the reason I managed to keep it going was a combination of my above average spelling/grammar and my stubborn dedication to making it as polished as possible, which may or may not have just been an attempt to get popular and boost my E-pen. But hey, this wiki was never that popular to begin with so I still put in a ton of time and effort to make sure that every is at least a comprehensible read.

Conclusion (cause my bio needs a conclusion I guess)

Fast forward to now. Regalis (Containment Breach's creator) has moved onto bigger and better projects, I'm now assisting in the development of its next major release and a new Half-Life game is coming out. This wiki still remains one of my proudest works and although there isn't much for me to do around here anymore, I'll be sure to beef it up for 1.4 when that comes out.

Because of this project I met a ton of people and had a bunch of experiences that eventually lead me down a path in life I couldn't be happier with. Despite the fact that I've barely played vanilla Containment Breach I still owe a ton to its existence and this wiki.

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